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  • The Western Pyrénées: The Mountain Less Travelled

    The steep, tightly snaking drive up to the La Pierre Saint-Martin in Pyrénées-Atlantiques may leave you feeling a little giddy, but the views from the top will soon clear your head. Perched up high...

    Bucket List Adventures: A Cycling Vacation with Discover France

    Biking through the French countryside offers a front-row seat to the scenery.

    Watch the Tour de France Arrive in Paris

    The world's greatest cycling race will conclude in the French capital on Sunday.

    Summertime, and the living in France is easy!

    1. Faire la fête The south of France is blessed with a glorious summer climate and the locals make the most of it, at festivals which are spread throughout the season. Arts and theatre aficionados are...

    Cycling holidays in the Tarn

    With vineyards and sunflower fields as far as the eye can see, the Tarn is an ideal destination for a cycling holiday in harmony with nature. What better way to see both landscapes and...

    Cycling holidays in La Rochelle

    If you’ve ever wondered why the French love cycling so much, hop on the saddle, hit the road and you will soon be hooked too. Justin Postlethwaite visits the tranquil islands off La Rochelle and falls in...

    Another side to Champagne

    It’s not just the chance to drink this world famous wine on location that makes Champagne worth a visit. For those who want to get back to nature, the region’s forests, meadows and lakes provide endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Here’s our pick...

    City cycling in Mulhouse, Alsace

    The idea of a cross-border commute sounded pretty exciting to me, but for Patrick Polansky, a resident of Mulhouse in the south of Alsace, it was nothing out of the ordinary – when you live within minutes of two...

    Paradise found in Gérardmer, Lorraine

    In the warm sunshine of a summer evening, I am almost alone on the roof of the Vosges. An elderly couple are soaking up the panorama with their two collies, whilst three French bikers in leathers take turns...

    Biking the Canalside Véloroutes in France

    Beginning in the 17th century when François I brought Leonardo da Vinci (and the Mona Lisa) to France, monarchs and later emperors embarked on a public works project of heroic scale to link the country’s...