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  • Art Paris 2016 ©Sylvia Davis

    Art Paris: The Vibrant Highlight of Paris Art week

    Art Paris is a contemporary and emerging art fair now in its 16th edition, the highlight of the electric Paris Art Week. During the inauguration on March 30, President Hollande appeared engaged and animated...
    The view from Èze

    Le Jardin d’Èze: A Jewel of the Côte d’Azur

    The hilltop village of Èze, perched atop a dizzying drop straight to the Mediterranean, is dramatically beautiful in the traditional Provençal style. Èze is a warren of cobbled streets and flower-covered stone houses, their...
    CNCS, Moulins

    The Clothes Make the Man: A Visit to a Unique Stage Costume Museum

    On a chilly Monday morning in Moulins, France, a small group moved through darkened rooms and gathered round a softly lit display case. Behind the glass, artfully crumbled paper covered the floor about ankle...
    Alexander McQueen in Paris

    Paris Shopping: Alexander McQueen on rue Saint-Honoré

    The much-missed McQueen earned his credentials as a fashion legend long before the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s posthumous blockbuster exhibition, Savage Beauty. In the wake of his untimely death, McQueen’s creative director and his successor,...
    New Vintage French Interiors

    An Inside Peek: New Vintage French Interiors

    Coming home. It’s a return to your origins, a safe haven and a space where you can be secure with your friends and family. It’s a private retreat, but also a place to be...
    AFMO Gala at Ambassador's Residence/Paris

    Americans Helping to Preserve Art and Architecture in France

    No wonder France is such a beloved travel destination — we relish the world-famous cuisine and marvelous wines, the delights of bustling cities and bucolic countryside, and of course, magnificent art and architecture spread...
    French drawings at the Getty Center

    Now at The Getty: The Romance of Black in 19th Century French Drawings

    At the height of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 19th century, artists in France began depicting shadowy, often nocturnal or twilight scenes in which forms appear to emerge and sink back into the darkness....
    E-1027 villa

    E-1027: Gray’s Modernist Dream on the Côte d’Azur

    A few years ago, while swimming at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin beach, in a sedate corner of the Côte d’Azur close to the Italian border, I looked up and noticed a house perched above the sea. Even...
    Art in Video Games, Paris

    Defying Definition: Art in Videogames at the Musée Art Ludique in Paris

    To debate whether or not a digital painting is ‘real’ art is so last century. Jean-Jacques Launier, founder of the Art Ludique museum and curator of the exhibition says that, in his eyes, video...

    Art in Aix: The Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein at Caumont Centre d’Art

    Any visit to uplifting Aix-en-Provence is always seductive, but combine it with the prospect of a rare view of one of the most prominent private art collections in the world, and then it’s off-the-charts...