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  • La Tête dans les Olives

    5 Unmissable Hidden Gems in Paris

    La tête dans les olives – An Evening to Remember I have the good fortune to get to Paris a few times a year and if it’s not August, I’m plotting to get an evening...

    The French Film “Marguerite” Ponders What is Good Singing

    The character in the French film Marguerite is an opera singer who can’t sing, but decides to perform in a grand public concert hall. That’s only part of the story. Marguerite’s life is opera, full...
    Maiwenn on the set of "Mon Roi"

    An Exclusive Interview with Film Director Maïwenn

    She has played a snaky-tressed futuristic diva, a wide-eyed teen stalked by a horrific killer, a tough-as-nails investigating photographer from the French Ministry of the Interior, and was handpicked by Karl Lagerfeld to model...
    The stars at the Cesar awards

    What a Belle Soirée! The César Awards in Paris

    There were many highlights at the Césars-- the prestigious French film awards-- held at the Théâtre du Châtelet last Friday here in Paris. From Dheepan to Fatima, the honoured films represented the diverse melting pot of French cinema...
    COLCOA French Film Festival

    COLCOA French Film Festival Celebrates 20 Years in L.A.

    One of the preeminent French cultural events in the U.S. and the largest French Film Festival worldwide, COLCOA French Film Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the theaters of the Directors Guild of America,...
    Les Revenants

    Top 5 French Television Series

    SOMETHING IN THE WATER Les Revenants (2012-present), The Returned When it first hit English-language TV screens in spring 2013, after originally airing in France during 2012, this u?ber-cool, stunningly shot French zombie series was as baffling...
    Mustang, movie

    Mustang, France’s Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, Speaks Turkish

    Mustang is the perfect name for France’s Oscar nomination. It’s about five young girls who break a lot of rules, from marriage contracts to learning how to drive a car. It also breaks these rules:...
    Les Chevaliers Blancs

    French Film Reviews: Les Chevaliers Blancs– White Knights, Black Pawns

    Les Chevaliers Blancs (The White Knights), a new film directed by Joachim Lafosse that is making waves in France, is based on an NGO scandal of a few years back. The people running an...
    Studio 28 in Montmartre

    My Life in Paris: The Perfect Valentine’s Day at the City’s Oldest Cinema

    Fully embracing Oscar Wilde’s philosophy that “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”, I started planning my picture-perfect, cinematic Saint-Valentine’s Day celebration months ago. ’Tis the season! Act 1: Getting ready for...

    Le Dernier Mot: Le Sourire sur la Prairie

    Thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder, the kids and I are working on a new habitude: ‘The Smile’. It all began when a DVD box set was given to my daughter and, since then, the...