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  • La Dernière Goutte

    La Dernière Goutte: A Wine Lover’s Gem in Paris

    While in Paris, my family and I participated in a group wine-tasting class (taught in English) at La Dernière Goutte, a charming wine boutique in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Seated in the stone-walled back room wine cave...

    Finding Paris in Seattle

    With a little imagination you can find Paris just about anywhere. On a recent visit to the States I found Paris in Seattle, Washington. I was transported countless times to the City of Light...
    La Tête dans les Olives

    5 Unmissable Hidden Gems in Paris

    La tête dans les olives – An Evening to Remember I have the good fortune to get to Paris a few times a year and if it’s not August, I’m plotting to get an evening...
    Pas de Calais boutique

    Shopping in the Upper Marais: Boutiques by Pas de Calais and Front de Mode

    The ‘Haut Marais’ continues its ascent as Paris’s edgiest high-fashion neighbourhood, drawing famous names along with hip young designers and a slew of concept stores which are at the vanguard of the Paris fashion...
    Rose et Marius boutique, Paris

    Paris Shopping: A Stylish Taste of Provence at Rose et Marius

    Arriving in Paris on a scent-laden Provençal breeze, the Aix-based luxury brand Rose et Marius reflect the romance – and the largesse – of France’s most evocative region with their glamorous line of scented...

    Retail Therapy: How Would You Spend €1,000 on the French Riviera?

    A former New Yorker, I’ve been based in the south of France since 1988. While I was growing up, I remember paging through a book about Matisse’s early period in Nice and wanting to...
    Alexander McQueen in Paris

    Paris Shopping: Alexander McQueen on rue Saint-Honoré

    The much-missed McQueen earned his credentials as a fashion legend long before the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s posthumous blockbuster exhibition, Savage Beauty. In the wake of his untimely death, McQueen’s creative director and his successor,...
    Marius Fabre soap

    Savon de Marseille by Marius Fabre: Secrets Behind the Famous French Soap

    Few emblems of Provence – or of France – are as universally familiar as the tidy, olive-green cubes which are stamped Savon de Marseille. Mild and all-purpose, this olive-oil-based soap is among France’s most...
    courtesy of Épicerie Générale

    Epicurean Paris: Top Specialty Food Stores and Gourmet Grocers

    A new generation of gourmet grocers is helping food lovers rediscover France’s far-flung gastronomic pleasures in chic, welcoming spaces that raise food shopping – and no-fuss dining – to the level of art. Upgrading...

    Customized Trip Itineraries with France Luxury Tour

    France attracts millions of visitors every year looking to experience the world-famous culture, gastronomy, fashion, and way of life. Planning your own trip to the Hexagon? Your vacation time is precious: how to make...