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  • Discover The ‘Terroir’ of the Western Front 14-18

    Just as the military sites of The Western Front 14-18 are unique in world history, so too is the ‘terroir’ of the five regions – Northern France, Picardy, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Alsace. This evocative French...
    Chateau d'Yquem

    Château d’Yquem Opens to the Public for the First Time

    Big news for wine lovers. The 400-year old Château d’Yquem will be opening its doors to the public for the very first time this year. From February 29-September, the legendary wine estate will offer...

    Exploring the Ancient Vineyards of Burgundy, Now Classified by UNESCO

    The quality of a vineyard depends on multiple factors, including the soil, the slope of the ground, exposure to sun and grape variety. To the uninitiated, the scenic ‘Route des Grand Crus’, between Dijon...

    A Serendipitous Surprise in the Vineyards of Burgundy

    Just a few kilometres from Beaune, a closely guarded address among locals...

    La Vendange at Mas de Brun Vineyard in Bandol

    It's harvest time at the vineyard Kristin runs with her husband, Jean-Marc...

    Champagne and Burgundy Vineyards Granted UNESCO World Heritage Status

    Big news from French wine country. In a triumph for the French viticultural tradition, UNESCO granted World Heritage status to both Champagne and Burgundy vineyards on Saturday. France now has 41 World Heritage sites. In...

    Picking Grapes in Champagne

    During harvest season, spend a fun-filled day picking grapes (and drinking wine!)

    Bandol’s Wines: Provence’s True Star

    The Phoenicians were making wine in Bandol 2,500 years ago, before the Romans moved in.

    6 Reasons Why Franche-Comté Should Be on Your Travel Radar

    Ever since my first visit to Besançon, I can't stop wondering why this region has remained so undiscovered. After spending a year in Franche-Comté and traveling extensively throughout the region, I have seen only a...

    Burgundy’s Wine Route

    Sampling wine and other delights on a whirlwind jaunt.