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  • Restaurant Reviews: Les Flocons de Sel, Megève

    For food-loving travellers in search of a great winter holiday, Megève, possibly the most charming of all resort towns in the Haute-Savoie département of the Rhône-Alpes region, has become the ‘magic mountain’. At his charming...

    Made in France: The Opinel Knife Celebrates 125 Years

    An exhibition of the 100 best-designed objects in the world, held at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in 1985, placed the Opinel ‘No 8’ knife right up there with a Rolex and a Porsche....

    Étoile-sur-Mer: The Best Seafood Restaurants in Paris

    Chef Clément Leroy, Savoy’s right-hand man, runs the kitchen at Étoile-sur-Mer, and the culinary master’s favourite interior-architect, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, designed a subtle and sophisticated décor for the restaurant, with low lighting, sea-foam-coloured tables without...

    Cooking with Class in Uzès

    One thing I dreamed about before moving to France was to attend a cooking class in Paris. Little did I know that my wish would come true —  without leaving the little town of...

    On the Trail of Paul Bocuse in Lyon

    Considered the "Pope" of French cuisine, Bocuse was born in a village on the northern outskirts of Lyon.

    Restaurant Reviews: Porte 12 in Paris

    The restaurant scene in Paris has never been more cosmopolitan than it is today, since the French capital continues to attract large numbers of foreign chefs who are eager to test their talents on...

    Mirazur in Menton: One of the Côte d’Azur’s Best Restaurants

    On the Riviera, many special-occasion restaurants – or those fancy pricier places you probably don’t go to very often – actually work best as infrequent pleasures. This is for the (politely whispered) reason that...

    Restaurant Review: Le Carré de l’Ange in the Pyrénées

    Though it’s the only gastro-quality restaurant in the cosy hilltop commune of Saint-Lizier, in the Pyrénées, Le Carré de l’Ange is still hidden away from the main drag. A wooden doorway and flight of...

    Guy Savoy’s Les Bouquinistes: Bistros in Saint-Germain

    Reasonable prices and a strategic Left Bank location...

    Where to Eat in Dijon: Loiseau des Ducs

    Reservations for lunch are essential at this fabulous address in Burgundy's largest city.