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  • Chateau d'Yquem

    Château d’Yquem Opens to the Public for the First Time

    Big news for wine lovers. The 400-year old Château d’Yquem will be opening its doors to the public for the very first time this year. From February 29-September, the legendary wine estate will offer...

    Exploring the Ancient Vineyards of Burgundy, Now Classified by UNESCO

    The quality of a vineyard depends on multiple factors, including the soil, the slope of the ground, exposure to sun and grape variety. To the uninitiated, the scenic ‘Route des Grand Crus’, between Dijon...
    abbey and fortresss

    The Île Saint-Honorat: The French Riviera’s Isle of Sacred Vines

    Due to France’s fierce political secularism, and the headlines that it generates, the country’s Catholicism can be easily overlooked. Yet up to 88 per cent of l’Hexagone’s population still identifies itself as Roman Catholic...

    The Hospices de Beaune and Burgundy’s Famous Wine Auction

    Don't miss the event of the year in Burgundy in November.

    Time with Wine: Bordeaux on Safari, an Unscientific Tasting

    An intriguing dinner concept paired with libations from 3D wines.

    A Serendipitous Surprise in the Vineyards of Burgundy

    Just a few kilometres from Beaune, a closely guarded address among locals...

    La Vendange at Mas de Brun Vineyard in Bandol

    It's harvest time at the vineyard Kristin runs with her husband, Jean-Marc...

    Explore Bordeaux: The Port of the Moon, Reborn

    How visionary regeneration and development has revitalised this historic river city.

    Delve into the World of Wine: Classes with the French Wine Society

    Master the art of French wine with classes and immersion study trips in the vineyards.

    Fortant: Making its Mark amongst the Wines of Languedoc-Roussillon

    I saw the tiny port town of Sète in a bassinet of blue waters on the day I met up with my ambassador to Fortant, a wine estate, which recently changed hands to the...