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    Chart Your Trip Across France with Michelin

    In France, people often say, everything ends up as a song. In the 1950s, while Edith Piaf was warbling about the skies of Paris, Charles Trenet was merrily singing the praises of the Nationale...

    Driving in France: The Magic of Tree-Lined Roads

    Off the autoroutes, driving through the French countryside, one is bound to encounter a tree-lined road with branches and leaves creating a tunnel effect with an overhead canopy. Whether you're travelling by car or...

    The French Road Trip: The Best Drives in the South of France

    Adventure-minded travellers can indulge in a fabulous road trip with gorgeous scenery, cuisine, and culture.
    The village square in Cotignac

    Picturesque Provence: A Riviera Day Trip to the Village of Cotignac

    Cotignac is a worthwhile day trip into the Provençal hills from the Côte d'Azur. Situated about 20 kilometers north of Brignoles off the A8 autoroute through rural terrain, Cotignac is in the Var department....

    Touring Languedoc-Roussillon in a classic car

    Opening scene… She was waiting for me on the quayside at Sète, sitting pretty in the late Spring sunshine, alongside the sparkling waters of the Canal Royale. I admit that I was nervous – finally, a date with an...

    Take a Quiz: 10 Classic French Cars

    Test your knowledge of the Hexagone's most iconic vehicles.

    Deals on Rental Cars in France with Auto Europe

    Get steep discounts and top-notch customer service.

    Hire a Classic Car in France

    Imagine driving a classic sports car around the stunning Southwest region of France - well thanks to Cross Channel Sports Cars, you can hire an elegant Morgan, classic MGB or even an iconic Citroën...

    See France differently: unusual travel ideas

    10 unusual ways to travel in France… 1. Hit the road Do you dream of cruising through the south of France in the utmost style, getting a taste of celebrity status while motoring through the vineyards and...