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France attracts millions of visitors every year looking to experience the world-famous culture, gastronomy, fashion, and way of life. Planning your own trip to the Hexagon? Your vacation time is precious: how to make...
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Editor’s App Choice: Google Translate

Although an English speaker is on hand at many French tourist spots, it’s always a little superior to assume that you can get by in your native tongue. And besides, it’s fun and friendly...

Deals on Rental Cars in France with Auto Europe

Get steep discounts and top-notch customer service.

Affordable Vacations: House Sitting in France

Live like a local while saving money on your French holiday.

Hire a Classic Car in France

Imagine driving a classic sports car around the stunning Southwest region of France - well thanks to Cross Channel Sports Cars, you can hire an elegant Morgan, classic MGB or even an iconic Citroën...

My Life in Paris: Queen for a Day

Ringing in the new year with a royal treatment, inspired by King Henri IV's passions...

Where to Stay in the South of France: 4 Hotel Picks

From Avignon to Nice, a selection of top accommodations in sun-soaked Provence.

Paris at the Vanguard: 4 Design-Centric Boutique Picks

Some top shopping recommendations in the City of Light.

French City Discovery: Nantes

Creative innovation in France's artiest city...

Museum Watch: Musée des Confluences, Lyon

Looking as if it’s ready to set sail on an expedition through time, the futuristic Musée des Confluences commandeers the exact spot in Lyon where the waters of the Rhône meet those of the...
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