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  • Michelin maps and guides

    Chart Your Trip Across France with Michelin

    In France, people often say, everything ends up as a song. In the 1950s, while Edith Piaf was warbling about the skies of Paris, Charles Trenet was merrily singing the praises of the Nationale...

    Hire a Classic Car in France

    Imagine driving a classic sports car around the stunning Southwest region of France - well thanks to Cross Channel Sports Cars, you can hire an elegant Morgan, classic MGB or even an iconic Citroën...

    Paris at the Vanguard: 4 Design-Centric Boutique Picks

    Some top shopping recommendations in the City of Light.

    Where to Stay in the South of France: 4 Hotel Picks

    From Avignon to Nice, a selection of top accommodations in sun-soaked Provence.

    Rent a Houseboat and Discover France over the Water

    Pilot your own boat, without a license, and see the country in a unique way.

    My Life in Paris: Queen for a Day

    Ringing in the new year with a royal treatment, inspired by King Henri IV's passions...

    Deals on Rental Cars in France with Auto Europe

    Get steep discounts and top-notch customer service.

    Affordable Vacations: House Sitting in France

    Live like a local while saving money on your French holiday.
    Google Translate

    Editor’s App Choice: Google Translate

    Although an English speaker is on hand at many French tourist spots, it’s always a little superior to assume that you can get by in your native tongue. And besides, it’s fun and friendly...

    Parisian Walkways: NOMA, the Nord Marais

    A stroll around this historic neighbourhood, which is fast becoming as hip as its southerly counterpart.