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  • Strasbourg: New Contemporary Architecture in the Capital of Alsace

    In the city where the famous cathedral fetes its 1000th birthday this year, a cool wave is shaping the future.

    Deals on Rental Cars in France with Auto Europe

    Get steep discounts and top-notch customer service.

    Hire a Classic Car in France

    Imagine driving a classic sports car around the stunning Southwest region of France - well thanks to Cross Channel Sports Cars, you can hire an elegant Morgan, classic MGB or even an iconic Citroën...

    Rent a Houseboat and Discover France over the Water

    Pilot your own boat, without a license, and see the country in a unique way.

    Win a Trip for 2 to Paris & the Riviera with #TopFrenchCities

    Answer just 6 questions for your chance to win.

    See France differently: unusual travel ideas

    10 unusual ways to travel in France… 1. Hit the road Do you dream of cruising through the south of France in the utmost style, getting a taste of celebrity status while motoring through the vineyards and...

    New in 2015: Seine River Cruises with Viking Longships

    From the City of Light, explore Claude Monet's gardens at Giverny and important WWII sites in Normandy.

    Not to Miss in Calais: Cité Internationale de la Dentelle

    Travelling through Calais on your way to England? The port may conjure images of ferries to Dover, but this busy transport hub is worth a stop for its lace museum alone. The name is...

    Travel Tips: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Avios

    See how far your AirMiles can take you... and reduce your carbon emissions, to boot!